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Long Beach, California is an important city because of its proximity to the Los Angeles Port, one of the largest in the world.

 It is unique because the central business district, which has a mix of historic and recent buildings, is sited directly on the southern California coast. Just 17 miles southof Los Angeles,Long Beach, with its small town atmosphere, is accessible to that city even for commuters.

 The Ocean Boulevard Condominiums were designed in two phases to attract the growing number of people moving to Long Beach, by offering sophisticated,

 affordablle residences, on ocean front property in downtown.

 The masterplan of the site, the architectural character of the buildings, the design of the units and amenities provided at ground level, were all carefully conceived to create an exciting and livable environment.

 One 30-story tower and 45-story tower are placed on the ends of the site and angled in shape to minimize blockage of ocean views from buildings north of the


 The north sides of the towers are parallel with the existing urban grid in order to integrate the project with the rest of downtown.

 The south sides face the ocean with unimpeded views of Catalina Island in the distance, as well as the nearby harbor and the beautiful beach from which the

 city takes its name. The 550 units were all designed with balconies, large, tinted-glass windows and

elegant interior spaces. Some are two stories and the corner units have a 270 degree view of the coast and city.

 The material chosen reflect the oceanside location by combining white precast stone with a sea-green, tinted glass and crisp, white mullions and railings.

 At the top of each tower is a helipad  cantilevered off one extreme giving  the buildings a drsmstic skyline identity.

 Landscaping at ground level ties in with a park which runs the length of the north side of the site. Rose garden for personal tending and children's play areas will be enclosed through the use of landscaping.


Project Data

Completion Year: 1988
Site Area: 90,565 ft2
Project Area: 950,000 ft2
Building Height: 382 ft
Number of Stories: 33
















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