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Multifunctional business center is located at the western side of Vodno-Zeleniy boulevard, at the left shore of Ishim river.

Complex includes 3 high-rise towers of 45, 36, 27 floors and a two-level stylobate that unites the towers at ground level.

45 & 36 floors towers house high class offices, conference halls, fitness center, SPA, coffee shops and restaurants.

Hotel with: 120 rooms; business center; restaurant and SPA center is located at the lower floors of the 27 floors tower. Upper floors  house fashionable 2-3-4 & 5 rooms apartments with private garden terraces.

Panoramic SPA center with patio garden is located at the top floors of the tower, thus allowing an extraordinary panoramic view of the capital city and it surroundings.

Inner special connections of the towers are being formed around their constructive cores. While graduate geometrical transformation of the plan allows the creation of various interesting planning solutions.

Two levels of the complex stylobate with entertaining and commercial infrastructure, include commercial passage, coffee shops and restaurants, all intersected with gardens network, with various flora, creating closed ecological system and comfortable microclimate all year long.


Project Data:


Year: 2007
Site Area: 1,5 acre
Project Area: 280,000 m2
Number of Stories: 45
























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