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Patroclus Island is located south of Attica's Attena Peninsula.

It is four kiilometers from Cape Sounion and one kilometers from the mainland.

The Patroclus Island Development will include the construction of 98,000 holiday apartments of various sizes and of over 6,000,000 square meters of entertainment facilities of all type.

Services and terminals will account for an additional 1,500,000 square meters for a total developed area of 13,500,000 square meters The Patroclus Island Development will be the largest entertainment and shopping center in the world.

The center will offer a wide range of entertainment and shopping options, including theater, cinema, opera, casinos, world-class concert halls, competitive sports arenas,  designer boutiques, international department stores, a wide variety of culinary offerings,  and many more.

The developed areas of the Island will be surrounded by a network of pedestrian pathways, some covered and some open to the sky and views of the adjacent

marinas  and beaches.

Connections to Patroclus Island will be via underground tunnels from the mainland.

Automobiles will not be permitted on the Island.

Patroclus will be the world’s most attractive leisure activity center for individuals.


Common data:

Planning and construction of marketing, culture and entertainment center.

On the island it's area is 3,000,000sq..m.

The total construction area is 13,500,000 sq.m.

The timing goal for operation is 2004..( for stage 1)

Construction of 98,000 hospitality units .

Construction of 6,000,000 sq.m area for Marketing , Culture and Entertainment

Construction of 1,500,000 sq.m for services and terminals on board.

Total area 13,500,000sqr

Construction of roads, Tunnels and railways to the island













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